Belkyra injections work using deoxycholic acid that targets the cell membrane of human adipocytes. It works by removing the integrity of the membrane and performs focal adipolysis. This creates a thinner and structured chin. After injection, Belkyra is absorbed into plasma before being excreted through the body’s bile acid pool. The injection solution removes the accumulated submental fat that dissolves the fat cells using natural body occurrences by using deoxycholic acid. The treatment process of Belkyra (Kybella) Bulgarian involves a series of injections without resorting to any invasive surgical procedures that are minimally invasive. The results of this treatment typically appear after 2 to 4 sessions. This treatment removes the under chin fat permanently as the injection in the subcutaneous fat layers decays destruct fat cells which stops the formation of fat cells in the future in the treated area. The injections are applied under the chin and a cooling compress is applied to the treated area immediately after the treatment.

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Buy Belkyra (Kybella) online from our website Filler World Supplies. Belkyra (Kybella) Bulgarian is a deoxycholic injection that is used for reducing fat under the chin – commonly called double-chin. It is a non-surgical method of reducing race fat and to make face features such as jawline more apparent. The main ingredient in Belkyra (Kybella) Bulgarian injection is deoxycholic acid which is also found in other fat-dissolving products and treatments. It is indicated for fullness caused by submental fat and helps to create a more countered jaw and neckline. It is manufactured by Allergan which is a Dublin-based multinational pharmaceutical company. The fat packs under the chin are caused by overeating, over-weight, excess body fat, and lack of exercise. It is a common problem that affects many age groups and is often not treated very effectively. This excess fat makes people appear heavier and older than they are. There are several ways of reducing body fat such as diet control, exercising, and neck stretching, etc. But removing double chin by Belkyra (Kybella) Bulgarian injection is faster than other methods. Belkyra is specifically formulated for people suffering from this problem and wants a fast fat removing method.

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