There are several benefits associated with the use of Belotero Balance. The benefits of Belotero Balance are the following:

  • Belotero Balance injection is used to fill in lines around the nose, eyes, and mouth
  • It is used to FIL forehead wrinkles
  • This injection is used for treating specific types of acne scars
  • It is also helpful in reducing under-eye bags or dark circles
  • These are used to correct small nose bumps and oral commissures
  • Belotero Balance is used to moderate perioral lines and fine lines around and below the lips
  • It reduces the wrinkles and maintains normal movement and facial expressions
  • These injections are used to moderate to severe nasolabial folds
  • Belotero injections produce instant results and you do not have to wait longer to see the effects

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Belotero Balance is an injectable dermal filler that is specifically formulated to remove wrinkles, moderate-to-severe etched-in lines, and vertical lip lines around & above the lips. It is a bioresorbable, sterile, viscoelastic, colorless, bacterially fermented, and injectable filler. It is used for injection into the mid-to-deep dermis for the correction of facial folds and wrinkles. It is a prescription injection that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to fill in and smooth out moderate to severe nasolabial folds (the wrinkles that go from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth). The main ingredient in Belotero Balance is Hyaluronic Acid which is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. Hyaluronic Acid plumps up wrinkles by gently replacing the lost hyaluronan and restoring support in the skin. Belotero Balance is created using a unique proprietary Cohesive Polydensified Matrix (CPM) process. It naturally integrates and quickly into the skin tissue. There are several reasons for wrinkles and fine lines, but the most common reason for wrinkles is old age. Wrinkles are also caused by exposure to Ultraviolet radiation, smoking, and repeated facial expressions. Belotero Balance treatment is specifically recommended for treating wrinkles, fine lines, folds (nasolabial folds), and lip lines. The injection is cross-linked with Hyaluronic Acid and Phosphate buffer.

Belotero Balance is applied on the forehead, chin, lips, cheeks, nasolabial folds to remove wrinkles, fine lines around the lips, and folds.  You can buy Belotero Balance 1ml from Filler World Supplies. We have a team of professionals who are working very hard 24/7 to deliver high-quality products at premium prices. All our products are approved by the Food and Drug Regulation Administration (FDA) for quality approval. We care for the precious time of customers and make sure that our products should reach on time. Buy skin care products and equipment from Filler World Supplies online.


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