Desirial is a dermal filler cross-linked with hyaluronic acid that is developed specifically for treating the vulvo-vaginal area. It is an injectable gel that is used to maintain and improve women’s intimate health and well-being. Desirial is a first antioxidant dermal filler that helps restore hydration, tone, elasticity, and sensitivity of the vulvo-vaginal area. It is designed using IPN like technology with the added advantage of antioxidant mannitol. It is manufactured using the fermentation technique of certain bacteria. The degradation of tissues may be perceived as discomfort or burning, increased sensitivity or chronic irritation and itching, which can lead to wounds. The hyaluronic acid is injected directly into concerned areas to improve their quality and limit female vaginal dryness.

According to a research study, about 80% of women entering menopause suffer from vaginal dryness, and about 50% of women after completing menopause continue experiencing vaginal dryness which causes irritation, itching, and infection. During menopause, there is a decrease of estrogen secretion, which affects fibroblasts, the vaginal mucosa becomes dry and skin loses its elasticity just like the whole skin. The cross-linked hyaluronic acid Desirial injection helps rehydrate, restore, and biostimulate fibroblast activity that is helpful to maintain the proper functioning of female gentile tissues. The presence of Mannitol antioxidants in Desirial reduces swelling and inflammation after the treatment. The vaginal -treatment with Desirial is also named as labial puff’ or non-surgical labiaplasty.

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Desirial is a cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel that is used for the treatment of various female vaginal conditions. The main benefits of using Desirial are the following:

  • The hyaluronic acid present in Desirial helps in restoring the volume of vulvo-vaginal areas.
  • Desirial helps reduce vaginal dryness and keeps the skin moisturized.
  • The gel improves the quality of women’s life that is affected by irritation and vaginal dryness.
  • It helps in restoring tone, elasticity, sensitivity, and hydration of the vulvo-vaginal area.
  • It is suitable for women of child-bearing age or in menopause.
  • The antioxidant Mannitol helps to reduce swellness and inflammation.

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