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Fermathron provides effective lubricative cushioning at synovial joints.

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Fermathron Plus buy online, a viscosupplement with sodium hyaluronate, is designed for injection into synovial joints, offering relief for mild to moderate osteoarthritis. Whether you’re dealing with osteoarthritis or addressing traumatic joint changes, Fermathron Plus is your solution.

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This innovative product features sodium hyaluronate, a biocompatible substance identical to hyaluronate in the body. Using a patented continuous fermentation process with the natural bacterium Streptococcus, Fermathron Plus presents highly folded, long-chained hyaluronan molecules.

What’s Inside the Box?

Each package of shop fermathron plus contains a 30mg/2ml sterile 1% (w/v) Sodium Hyaluronate in phosphate buffered saline. The pre-filled sterile glass syringe (2.0ml) is meticulously packed within a blister packet.

Unlock the Benefits of Fermathron Plus

fermathron plus buy online Utilize sodium hyaluronate for:

  • Shock absorbency within the synovial joint
  • Lubrication of the synovial compartment

              Treatment Guidelines for fermathron plus 

Fermathron is administered 3-5 times weekly into the synovial compartment, with 5 injections being typical for more severe cases. Ensure the injection site is clean, infection-free, and disease-free. Using antiseptic, maintain a contamination-free zone, and dry the skin before treatment.

Expect Lasting Results:

A weekly regimen of 5 injections can provide up to 6 months of symptom-free relief.

Ready to experience the benefits of Fermathron Plus? Buy online now for effective osteoarthritis management!


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