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Discover Etrebelle 200: Revolutionize Your Skin with Advanced Injectable Fillers

Get Etrebelle 200 to Unveil the transformative power of this quality product seen as an injectable filler designed for facial volumization and overall skin elasticity enhancement. This cutting-edge solution blends two potent acids, hyaluronic (HA) and lopy-lactic (PLA), creating a synergistic effect for a remarkable improvement in skin condition. While hyaluronic acid focuses on moisturization and wrinkle reduction, polylactic acid brings optimal viscosity and stimulates collagen synthesis in skin cells. The solution’s unique feature lies in the consistent action of its acid constituents, ensuring enduring procedure effects.

Key Features of Etrebelle 200

  • Addresses both fine lines and deep folds
  • Low crystalline structure ideal for volumization and skin recovery
  • Non-surgical correction for nose and chin shaping
  • Optimal viscosity prevents migration from injection area
  • Visible results within one week of the procedure
  • Almost painless procedure with lidocaine inclusion

Applications of Etrebelle 200:

  • Wrinkle elimination, including deep wrinkles
  • Forehead volume restoration and tear trough correction
  • Hollow cheeks enhancement
  • Removal of marionette wrinkles
  • General improvement of skin elasticity

Long-lasting Results:

  • Effect lasts up to 2 years

Product Composition:

  • Poly lactic acid (170 mg), Hyaluronic acid (30 mg)

Packaging content 

  • 1 vial × 200 mg
  • Cannula size: 25-27G

Manufacturer: Yooyoung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., South Korea

Elevate your skincare experience by   Etrebelle , a new-generation filler offering a well-balanced composition for enhanced skin elasticity and a rejuvenated, youthful appearance. Purchase now to redefine your beauty journey.

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