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Revolax Fine with Lidocaine – is a hyaluronic acid-based filler designed to fill deep wrinkles and improve the skin on the forehead and neck. The active substance of the filler is in the form of non-animal origin, so it is safe and compatible with skin tissues.

Can I buy Revolax Fine with Lidocaine online and who can perform the procedure?
The injection procedure may be performed by a qualified healthcare professional in an appropriate relocation clinic or private salon. To buy dermal fillers on the fillerworldwidesupplies site, you must have a medical authorization to administer dermal fillers. Our supplier Revolax Fine with Lidocaine offers only original products that are certified by quality standards.

What is the composition of the filler?
Revolax Fine is made in North Korea and contains 0.3% lidocaine. Therefore, you do not need to apply anesthetic to the skin before the procedure. The insertion procedure is secure for the patient because it is not irritated and easy for the doctor, the muscles of the patient’s face are completely relaxed. The filler instantly interacts with skin cells and quickly changes its appearance. The content of hyaluronic acid in the gel is 24 milligrams per 1 milli liter . Due to this composition, the duration of the filler is from 8 to 12 months. The filler has a single-phase structure and high viscosity due to the technology of the crosslinking of molecules.

What aesthetic issues can be resolved with the Revolax Fine filler?
The unique 3D structure of the hyaluronic acid molecule helps to maintain the integrity of the gel over a long period. The filler is suitable for the effective correction of the periorbital, intercostal and perioral area of ​​the face. Revolax Fine can handle fine facial wrinkles and deep frontal folds. Due to its wide range of actions, the filler is ideally suited for neck area correction.

What can interfere with the procedure?
Revolax Fine is introduced into the upper layer of the skin. This means that the gel will disintegrate over some time. The gel is completely excreted without leaving toxins and traces. It is forbidden to enter the filler during pregnancy and lactation. There is also a standard list of conditions when a doctor has to give up the procedure:

allergy to the product warehouse;
diabetes, autoimmune diseases;
various skin diseases and its lesions;
the tendency of the skin to form scars;
high body temperature.
It is worth listening to your doctor’s recommendations for restrictions after the procedure. It is not necessary to visit places with a sharp change of temperature for 14-21 days, as this can damage the integrity of the gel. Visits to the swimming pool, sauna, solarium, and gym should also be restricted to prevent skin contamination at the injection site. The cost of Revolax Fine with Lidocaine injection can be determined by the doctor during the consultation.

Can I Buy Revolax Fine with Lidocaine wholesale?
fillerworldwidesupplies is an online store that allows you to buy dermal fillers wholesale. We offer our customers favorable prices and the best delivery service. Our manager will answer your questions and help you place your order by phone.


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