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Flawless Fine


minimum order = 5 boxes

Weight 0.02 kg
Origin South Korea
Quantity 1ml * 2 syringes


                    what is FLAWLESS Fine 

Shop flawless Fine, the pioneer in its series, is a hyaluronic acid-based filler meticulously crafted for correcting fine lines. Ideal for managing the initial signs of skin aging, this filler boasts cross-linked polymeric hyaluronic acid at its core, ensuring effective water retention.

Administered to the intra-dermal layer, FLAWLESS Fine allows pinpoint correction of fine lines around the eyes, lips, and neck areas. Its multi-layered phasic solution, coupled with a stable and optimally viscous composition, prevents product migration post-injection. The world’s first patented technology further enhances hyaluronic acid stability, ensuring prolonged and consistent results.

What are the Strengths of FLAWLESS fine

These are some of the reasons below why you should consider to shop flawless fine ;

  • CE Approved
  • Contains lidocaine for nearly painless injections
  • Suitable for young patients requiring light correction of initial age-related skin changes
  • Moisturizes the skin while effectively filling facial volumes.
image showing front of flawless fine filler on sale near you.
FLAWLESS Fine is a filler based on hyaluronic acid used for the correction of fine lines. Given product is the first one from the cognominal series and is p

what is FLAWLESS Fine is Ideal for

  • Fine line elimination
  • Softening marionette lines and “crow’s feet” wrinkles
  • Correcting fine lines in the neck area
  • Addressing light wrinkles in the lip area

Product Composition of flawless fine

  • Hyaluronic Acid 20 mg/ml, 0.3% Lidocaine
What is included in a package of FLAWLESS Fine ?

Produced by CG bio Co.,ltd , this authentic product comes as follows

  • 2 pre-filled syringes × 1.0 ml
  • Needle size: 27 G 1/2’, 30 G 1/2’

Manufacturer: CG Bio Co., Ltd., South Korea

Elevate your aesthetic procedures with FLAWLESS Fine – a CE-approved, painless, and hydrating solution for precise and enduring fine line correction.


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