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T-Safe CU 380A QL




T-Safe CU 380A QL is a contraceptive device for women. It doesn’t contain hormones and is absolutely safe for women. Its effective action is provided due to the simple structure of the contraceptive. It is T-shaped and consists of a plastic stem with copper wire on the vertical part and copper tips fixed on the horizontal part.

Indications for T Safe 380
T-Safe® CU 380A QL Intrauterine Device is a contraceptive prescribed for women to avoid pregnancy. It prevents the implantation of a fertilized egg by destroying spermatozoa. As a result they lose the ability to fertilize the egg. This medical tool is often prescribed for women who can’t use ordinary contraceptives due to allergy reactions, hormonal effects, local irritations, and other diseases like regular migraines, diabetes, etc. Another reason why women choose T-Safe is protection stability and guaranteed result. You are protected from undesirable pregnancy all the time and unpredictable situations don’t occur.

How do doctors insert this device?
Medical professionals enter T-Save directly into the woman uterine cavity. It fits patients from 18 to 45-50 years and should be changed every 6 years. To avoid unpredictable side effects and be sure that there no complications, patients should regularly visit their health providers. Doctors recommend to administer the preparation during menstruation, as there is higher effectiveness of pregnancy prevention, and the implantation process passes easier and faster.

When the product is contraindicated?
The intrauterine implant is safe, however, like any medical product, it has a set of contraindications. If you have at least one problem of the following list, please, consult your doctor, because in these cases T-Safe® CU 380A QL is contraindicated:
Malignant tumors;
Womb diseases;
Uterine bleeding;
Experience of ectopic pregnancy;
Pelvic peritonitis;
Deformation of the uterus or cervix;
Inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs.
Blood coagulation disorders;

T Safe CU 380a QL side effects
As a rule, the implant doesn’t cause adverse reactions, however, some women with hypersensitivity may experience side effects after product administration. The following list of items is not full and before making the procedure, patients must consult the doctor and make several medical tests.
The list of contraindications includes:
reinforced bleeding during menstruation;
local pain;
spontaneous bleeding;
pelvic infections;
endometrial cramps;
two or more menstrual cycles;
diseases of the genitourinary tract;
skin allergic reactions.

Women using intrauterine devices are recommended to regularly visit the doctor as well as check the presence of spiral threads in the vagina once a week. If you can’t touch threads, you must immediately consult a doctor, because there is a possibility of unnoticed prolapse of the spiral from the uterus.

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