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Yvoire Classic S 1ml


Why Buy YVOIRE Online
This line is used to correct defects formed on the face and body. It includes high-quality injection gels, the main component of which is fifth-generation hyaluronic acid.

Eye contour plastic with YVOIRE products is relevant and reasonable when it is necessary to eliminate the following cosmetic defects:

-deep folds in the forehead and nasolabial triangle;
-deep wrinkles in the inter-brow zone;
-disproportionate cheekbones, nose, lips, chin;
-wrinkles on the neck and decollete;
-scars of atrophic origin;
-lack of tissue structures;
-nasolacrimal groove.



Specialist use Yvoire Classic S 1ml to treat facial wrinkles and create lip augmentation. Also to improve skin texture and glow. You can buy Yvoire Classic S 1ml online from FillerworlwideSupplies.com .

This product creates natural safe looking result. The main ingredient of Yvoire Classic is hugh concentration of hyaluronic acid. So before using this product consult with your doctor. Do not take it if you have allergic reactions to any of the ingredients.

Fillerworldwidesupplies can supply you with 100% authentic product to any part of the world.

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